10th July          Congratulations to Alexa for being awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship!!!

1st June    The lab welcomes its first postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Nesha Andoy. Know more about Nesha here...


BSC 2018

Alexa, explaining her work to poster enthusiasts...

23rd-25th May     Ruby and Alexa attended the 4th Annual meeting of the Biophysical Society Canada in beautiful Vancouver. Lots of exciting new developments in the field of membranes and lipids, as well as in imaging technologies, allowing us to peek through the inner workings of the cell!

 4th Annual Biophysical Society Canada (BSC) meeting, Vancouver

4th Annual Biophysical Society Canada (BSC) meeting, Vancouver

 Alexa--multitasking between explaining bacterial rigidity sensing, and enjoying her pizza to poster enthusiasts...

Alexa--multitasking between explaining bacterial rigidity sensing, and enjoying her pizza to poster enthusiasts...

27th April        Alexa won 1st place (poster) in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Research and Discovery Conference (IGRAD) at UTSC! Congratulations!!!

1st May            The lab welcomes its new lab members: Keuna (MSc) and undergraduate summer volunteers: Mayura, Anya, and Sarah...Know more about them here...

26th April        Ruby received a Connaught New Researcher Award!


25th April        Congratulations to Daniel and Sri for being awarded an NSERC-USRA!

16th April        Together with the labs of Profs. Kerman, Kraatz, and Zhang (collectively known as the Biological Chemistry Cluster), the lab was awarded an NSERC-RTI (Research Tools and Instruments)!

12th April        Congratulations to Sri for winning the TD Undergraduate Research Opportunity Fellowship!

24th Mar         Brody placed 3rd in Best Poster at the 46th SOUCC (Southern Ontario Undergraduate Chemistry  Conference) held at Wilfrid Laurier University. Congratulations Brody!

25th Jan          Ruby gave a talk at the Seminar Series hosted by the Department of Chemistry and Biology and the Molecular Science Graduate Program at Ryerson University. Lots of exciting research on biofilms, surfaces and interfaces, and host-pathogen interactions are happening at Ryerson U!

8th Jan           The lab welcomes two undergraduate specialists from the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology program of UTSC,  Nawrah Khader and  Jonathan Burnie. Know more about Nawrah and Jonathan here.

Welcome 2018!!!

7th Dec         Ruby gave a talk in the Analytical Chemistry Seminar Series of Chemistry-St. George campus.

1st  Sept         Welcome to Alexa, the lab's very first graduate student! Know more about Alexa here...

Group Picture Summer 2017.jpg

Group lunch―Summer 2017

L-R: Brody, Alexis, Sri, Eric, Ruby, Daniel...with tiramisu, gelato, and crème brûlée!

31st Aug          Group lunch at FratellisThanks to this bunch of dynamic undergraduates for kick-starting the lab's research program!

15th Aug          Lab's infrastructure grant from CFI-John R. Evans Leaders Fund in UTSC news!

21st July          Noula Pitsiniaga joins the lab as a volunteer, welcome! Know more about Noula... 

3rd Jun            Ruby gave a talk, "Bacterial Attraction", at the Chemistry Alumni Spring 2017 Reunion at St. George campus.                                    

11th May          Kudos to Eric for being awarded the NanoNet Undergraduate Student Enhancement Award! 

8th May           Ruby gave a talk in the Matrix Dynamics Group seminar series of the Faculty of Dentistry (UofT). Lots of                              exciting research synergies between the Matrix Dynamics group and the Mechano-microbiology Lab!   

1st May             Daniel Lysak joins the group for the summer as a recipient of the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA)! Congratulations and welcome!                                         

1st May             Brody Chen starts his Summer Research in the group. Brody is a recipient of the University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA)-awarded to only two students in the Sciences in UTSC. Congratulations and welcome!                                    

12th Apr           Say what? Bacterial Attraction? Check out this great article by journalist Patchen Barss for a nice overview of the research we do.                                         

12th Apr          The lab was awarded an NSERC Discovery Grant for the proposed work on "Molecular Forces in Microbial Biofilms"!

3rd Mar            Ruby gave a talk in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Concordia University.  

6th Feb            Alexis Ty joins the lab, welcome!  

23rd Jan          Sri Nowduri and Ajitha Kananathalingam join the lab, welcome!  

16th Jan           How we got interested with bacterial biofilms is summarized here. (article by Mandy Koroniak)

2nd Jan           The lab welcomes its very first member, Eric Lentz! Know more about Eric...     

2017 Jan          Welcome to Mechano-microbiology Lab! Happy New Year and Happy New Lab!!!