Research in our group lies at the interface of mechano-microbiology and materials-biosystems interactions. We use a multifaceted and integrative approach to quantify, and elucidate the molecular mechanism behind the mechanical forces that stabilize the initial stages of bacterial biofilm formation on different materials. Initial efforts in the Mechano-microbiology Lab will focus on the early stages of biofilm development―first contact with the surface and microcolony formation. Below are the key research themes that we are working on (see our Research Page for more details):

  • Molecular forces in Bacterial Biofilms―at the single-molecule and single-cell levels
  • Bacterial Rigidity Sensing
  • Structure and Nanomechanics of Bacterial Biofilms
  • Targeted Delivery of Anti-biofilm Agents

16th April       Together with the labs of Profs. Kerman, Kraatz, and Zhang (collectively known as the Biological Chemistry Cluster), the lab was awarded an NSERC-RTI (Research Tools and Instruments)!

12th April       Congratulations to Sri for winning the TD Undergraduate Research Opportunity Fellowship!

24th Mar        Brody placed 3rd in Best Poster at the 46th SOUCC (Southern Ontario Undergraduate Chemistry Conference) held at Wilfrid Laurier University. Congratulations Brody!

25th Jan         Ruby gave a talk at the Seminar Series hosted by the Department of Chemistry and Biology and the Molecular Science Graduate Program at Ryerson University. Lots of exciting research on biofilms, surfaces and interfaces, and host-pathogen interactions are happening at Ryerson U!

8th Jan          The lab welcomes two undergraduate specialists from the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology program of UTSC,  Nawrah Khader and  Jonathan Burnie. Know more about Nawrah and Jonathan here.

Welcome 2018!!!